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These are some of the innovation projects we have done in the past for some of our clients in various sectors.



Award-Winning Innovation Management System

A holistic Innovation Management System for a Special Economic Zone in Dubai (UAE), including innovation strategy, intrapreneurship, capability building, open innovation, governance, portfolio management, metrics, etc.


Innovation Center:
Open Innovation in Action

We designed, set up, activated and managed a unique innovation space at our client's premise, wherein the ecosystem members can collaborate to innovate, learn about the process whilst addressing real issues in the society.



10X Academy: The Road to Disruptive Innovation

The Government of Dubai launched 10X Dubai campaign aiming for exponential economic and business growth through innovation.  Dubai government entities and companies were encouraged to participate in the program.


University Incubator to Foster Entrepreneurship in Campus

Our client, a world's leading university, sought to foster entrepreneurship among their students and alumni by establishing an in-campus startup incubator, for which we developed the strategy.

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Man playing virtual reality with Microsoft HoloLens


Innovation Challenge:
Re-imagining The Future of Work

Along with Purpose Challenge, we designed, prepared, organized and successfully facilitated a global 3-hour virtual Innovation Sprint to address the challenge using Exponential Organizations (ExO) framework.


Makerspace: Unleashing Creativity in Education

Our school client aspired to be the leading educational institution in innovation by setting up a Makerspace for its Elementary School to foster curiosity, discovery, and learning through Innovation, Design Thinking and Growth Mindset.

Kids in Technology Class
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