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Having creative people is not enough to build an innovative organization. Leaders must put some commitment and investment in developing  the Innovation skills of their people. Innovation Capacity Building program should be aligned with and embedded into your Human Capital development strategy, from hiring, on-boarding, talent management, performance reviews and succession planning.

We partner with you to develop and deliver a variety of capability building formulas that should result in the business impact you are looking for.​

Our Expertise:

  • Tailor-made Innovation training for any employment levels

  • 10X Academy

  • Innovation Sprint

  • Innovation Champions (Train the Trainer)

  • Innovation & Executive Coaching

  • Personal & Professional Growth Mentoring

  • Startup Mentoring

  • Keynote Speaking.

Our Popular Future Classes:

  • Leading Strategic Innovation

  • Unleashing Creativity

  • Exponential Transformation

  • Digital Transformation

  • AI Transformation Strategy

  • Business Model Innovation

  • Intellectual Properties

  • Design Thinking

  • Emerging Technologies

  • Purpose-Driven Leadership

  • Driving Innovation in Public Sector: Dubai Style.

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