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A customized 7-day leadership retreat trip overseas, learning from the world’s best in innovation, technology, economy and entrepreneurship, blended with some exposure to local culture.

De-mistify China

A unique and authentic experience to discover the ancient and modern China (Beijing & Shanghai).

A great opportunity to navigate through China’s economy, business, engineering, emerging technologies, startups, history and culture from the world’s major innovative enterprises and universities.

Why China...
• The world's fastest-growing major economy
• The world's largest manufacturing economy and exporter of goods • The world's fastest-growing consumer market
• The world's largest natural resources
• The second largest in the world by nominal GDP
• Rich cultures from thousands of years.

Who Would Benefit from This Program...
• University students, PG/UG, from engineering/business study

• Faculty members
• Business professionals
• Aspiring (startup) entrepreneurs.

What You Will Gain...
n authentic learning experience and exposure to China’s business, economy, technologies, startups, history and culture.

** Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we temporarily put this program on hold. In the meantime, if you would like to receive the brochure (incl. itinerary) and the planned trip dates, leave you contact details with us. We will send you the information. ***

Stay tuned for more Exponential Retreat for leaders with unique programs in North America, Europe and Asia.

Image by Lesly Juarez
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